Let's do it again

History has, once again, proven Roland Gumpert and his inventive mix of technology and integration to be right. This time he was able to use the established, successful Chinese friendships and networks which were so beneficial to VW and Audi in China. Roland Gumpert, along with AIWAYS and their President Samuel Fu, established a new kind of automotive project – the RG.

»Roland Gumpert has once again managed to astonish the automobile industry.«

Roland Gumpert and AIWAYS

In 2017, Roland Gumpert, acting as CPO of AIWAYS and CEO of GUMPERT AIWAYS, took on the development of the RG: the world's first electrically-driven super sports car with racing performance. This revival of the cooperation between Mr. Fu Qiang and Roland Gumpert marks a new era in the Chinese automobile industry.

It is a milestone in the history of the automobile.

Mission apollo

For years, it has maintained its impressive record of 7:11:57 for street-legal vehicles on the Nürburgring's Nordschleife. Working with Roland Meyer, Roland Gumpert developed the apollo, a super sports car which, even today, robs the breath of its pilots and passengers. A racecar for the street with up to 850 hp, sequential transmissions and so much propulsion that it can literally, at 170 MPH, drive on the ceiling - another generation of PURE GERMAN SPEED.

A fantastic team for FAW and Audi in China

Two People

Roland Gumpert met Mr. Fu Qiang when he joined the VW-Audi Joint Venture China sales and marketing board twenty years ago. Together, they developed a system of dealers for Audi and China's first vehicle with an extended wheelbase. The Chinese and German team became very close while mastering these projects together. Since that time, they have shared a deep friendship.

These three things stand for an era.

Rallye, Quattro, Gumpert

Roland Gumpert, as head of Sport and Special Developments for Audi Sport, oversaw the first major racing successes for the Audi Quattro. During this time, Audi won 25 rallye titles and 4 rallye world championships. A foundation which still benefits his innovative developments today.