Fuel Cell

Permanent Energy!

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The Nathalie Fuel Cell

The Nathalie fuel cell under the carbon hood is constantly working and providing high performance at 15 kW. Enough energy to provide the car with its base energy while it is being driven. In town, during breaks or at low speeds, the Nathalie fuel cell charges the puffer battery. This means there is always enough energy for high speed driving. The Nathalie can be configured with varying battery combinations and sizes to fit differing situations and any driver's needs.

Methanol as an Energy Source

The car runs on a material which provides energy via an electro-chemical reaction and is far superior to all other fuels to date as it can be synthesized in an environmentally neutral way: Methanol. Black Methanol, is understood as refined fossil fuel.

Ecological and Free of Pollutants

Green methanol however is synthesized. It binds the CO2 contained in the air and releases it later while providing energy. This makes green methanol a great clean and neutral energy carrier. The products of the chemical reaction are water and CO2 with a negligible percentage of nitrogen oxide.
The car can be refueled in three to five minutes, after which it has enough energy to hit the road again - typical Gumpert – uncompromising.