Pioneering spirit with tension

Pure German engineering at the edge of the impossible

Roland Gumpert combines today's most innovative, pioneering concepts. This new Nathalie brings together electric and four wheel drive, a revolutionary energy concept, uncompromising sportiness and futuristic, technical design - a highly explosive mixture for the ultimate super sports car for the coming decade.

A pure driving machine for the new electrical generation

Four electric engines accelerate the vehicle from 0-60 in under 2.5 seconds. It glides along almost silently yet has uncontainable power in the motors which propel the vehicle forward with 400 kW. Braking power is enhanced with recuperation - the recovery and re-use of the original braking power. Pure driving dynamic – Made by Roland Gumpert.

Nathalie - The electric super sports car with street-legal track performance

It sets benchmarks – and makes it feel like child's play. The Nathalie is pioneering spirit, a stroke of genius and more than just a clever engineering idea. Its courageous, unique concept reinvigorates the automobile industry's inventive spirit and combines the proven and established with the possibilities of e-mobility, computing and energy technologies.

Roll cage and Carbon

The chassis, made using chrome molybdenum steel tubular design, ensures safety on par with any racing vehicle. The roll cage is firmly integrated and the carbon exterior-chassis's light weight provides even better track performance. These technologies allowed for a one-of-a-kind interplay between contrasts. The street and racetrack in one – It’s your split time!

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2Way electric car

The Nathalie doesn't stand still when the battery is empty. It is only the buffer between the 15 kW, methanol-driven fuel cell and the motors. The Nathalie is ready to go again after a three-minute retanking of methanol. This opens up new opportunities in areas without a developed charging infrastructure. A concept for independence and real electrical mobility. More Energy Insights