Together, they have introduced a new era in the Chinese and German automobile industry – AIWAYS president Mr. Fu Qiang, and Roland Gumpert, as CPO of AIWAYS and CEO of GUMPERT AIWAYS. Located in Ingolstadt, at the heart of Germany's automotive industry, the company has now gone into serial production of the RG.

»We are certain that all of the other manufacturers will need to latch on to this concept. As I see it, it is currently the only version in which we will be able to provide emission-free vehicles for the future.« Roland Gumpert

Shared Vision

The company, founded in 2017 as a joint venture, is based on one common vision: to develop the world's first electrically-driven super sports car with racing performance and intelligent energy technology.


Englisch: China’s AIWAYS, under the direction of President Fu Qiang and CTO Winter Wang has made it their mission to become the gold standard for the new generation of Chinese electro-mobility. They put particular emphasis on the connectivity, IT and interactivity of the new mobile era. This has led to a transformation, to a completely new feeling for vehicles. AIWAYS's IT roots lay the foundation for a perfect symbiosis. AIWAYS currently develops and produces their own vehicles in China.