100% a driver's car


Super­ sports­ car for a new era

Its appearance is that of a futuristic, technologically-inspired Coupé, the technology straight out of a race car. The Nathalie is pure concentration on the next curve with everything focused for the driver - everything quickly viewed and available. With its sporty, minimalistic design, it lays the lines for the ultimate electric vehicle.

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»One particular challenge was designing an electric super sports car without classic, iconic elements such as tailpipes.« Lorenz Loew, Designer

G-force display and steering wheel­ indicator

The Rapid Display is directly in the driver's line of sight: an overview of the speedometer, g-forces, battery levels, fuel cell recuperation and performance. The Comfort Display is conveniently located in the middle console and shows items such as navigation, media, climate control and other fundamental vehicle functions.

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