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19/03/06 Nathalie Race World Premiere at GIMS 2019

The World Premiere of the Roland Gumpert Nathalie Race at the Geneva Motor Show 2019 lies behind us. Roland Gumpert presented the racing version of the Gumpert Nathalie supported by his daughter Nathalie - who also gave her name to the super sports car series. Loyal fans were able to follow the spectacle live on Instagram and YouTube. The car features a reinforced drive train, improved aerodynamics and modifications to the suspension, brake system and cooling. Gumpert's goal: To compete with Nathalie Race in the FIA-approved EPCS series.

If you were not able to join us in Geneva, you can download the Nathalie Race press kit by simply clicking on the button below.

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18/06/28 Roland Gumpert im Interview

Das Thema E-Auto war bei einer der größten Automessen der Welt unumstritten die Nr. 1. Im Interview erläutert der deutsche Ingenieur Roland Gumpert seine Vision von einem Auto ohne Abgase.

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