Press Release

Driving presentation of GUMPERT Nathalie on German Free TV


Together with "auto mobil - das VOX Automagazin" we present the Nathalie "First Edition" on the North Sea island of Pellworm

We’re enjoying the last rays of the late summer sun when we set off for a trip to the North Sea island of Pellworm with our "First Edition". It is a solemn occasion – the first official rollout of the GUMPERT Nathalie "First Edition". The challenging year 2020 demands a lot from us and the entire industry – not to mention the adherence to delivery dates. Initially, the vehicle was supposed to get a breath of fresh air around Lake Geneva in spring for the annual Motor Show. Now we’re offering small Covid-19 compliant presentations to bring the revolutionary vehicle into public spheres, to journalists and fans, as the many TV reports or the feature in the current October issue of the German “Playboy” shows. A further contribution is the special program for the 25th anniversary of VOX "auto mobil". The hearts of presenter Andreas Jancke and his team immediately beat faster. Not just because it is a new type of electric super sports coupé with racetrack capability and a top speed of 300 km/h, but also because of the power technology which immediately inspires the imagination of the experts and the whole team. So simple and so easy: You drive electrically with a safe hydrogen principle and refuel as usual. The fuel can also be produced "green" and the process in whole is CO2 neutral. "Crazy, why doesn't anyone know this yet," asks moderator Andreas Jancke. We suspect that such a simple and quick solution demands a lot from large enterprises, because they can't react flexible and quick enough in an environmentally manner. They stick to long-term investment plans and strategies that were made decades ago and are being implemented despite the dynamic development of hydrogen technology. We, on the other hand, are already at the beginning of new paths. Our electric super sports coupé, with a ground clearance of five stacked smartphones, slowly rolls off the ramp of our show truck. For four days we glide almost silently across the island with an efficiency of 45% and 65l methanol as the power supply for the "GUMPERT Power Cell" and become the talk of the day on Pellworm. Many pictures are taken, and the VOX "auto mobil" team had enough time to intensively research and test the technology.

During the next months we are preparing to make the vehicle available for selected events within the framework of current rules

If we have stirred your interest in experiencing the Nathalie "First Edition" up close, please register here. Thank you for your understanding that prospective buyers are treated first.

The complete VOX auto mobil 25 years anniversary episode including all articles (German) is available here.