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Interview with Roland Gumpert


18/06/28Car vision without emission

The Nathalie continues to excite the automotive world. Since its premier at the Beijing Motor Show, we have been receiving any number of requests wanting to know more about the super sports car’s groundbreaking technology. Without a doubt, E-Autos were THE hot topic at the world’s largest automotive fair.

In a recent interview, German engineer Roland Gumpert discussed his vision of an emissions-free vehicle. What’s truly new and innovative about the Nathalie is the combination of an environmentally-friendly electric drive with the character of a super sports car. Roland Gumpert emphasized, however, the car’s independence from electricity and the unique way that the battery is constantly being recharged while it’s driven. The chief designer went on to describe his revolutionary concept by saying, “As long as we have methanol on board, the Nathalie is ready to go, complete with all-wheel drive and top speeds of up to 300 km/h”.