Erfurt Motor Show

Nathalie is still in the Spotlight

The new year began with a bang. The carbon coupé "Nathalie" was the undisputed star at its German Premiere at the Erfurt Motor Show. Constructor Roland Gumpert and his team were very busy satisfying the huge interest at the stand of the 850 hp electric supersportscar with methanol drive.

What was going on at the Erfurt Motor Show?

Birgit Keller, Thuringia's Minister for Infrastructure and Agriculture, visited Roland Gumpert "Nathalie" on the opening day. After the exclusive guided tour, the politician was enthusiastic. Keller: "I am always game for a test drive! Media star and car expert Jean-Pierre Krämer also stayed at the stand for a long time. The car was explained to him in detail by mentioning technical insights and the philosophy of the methanol car. His bottom line: "I'm positively impressed!“ The first German automobile fair in 2019 with around 27,000 visitors closed its doors on Sunday.

Geneva Motor Show is coming…

Gumpert Aiways will be exhibiting at the Geneva Motor Show from 7 to 17 March 2019. In Switzerland, the new Nathalie design will be unveiled. You can look forward to an outstanding exhibition stand, brilliant design and the latest technology. We look forward to introduce Nathalie to a broad international audience.