Press Release

A brand for excellence.


Extraordinary engineering gets appreciated. We are proud to announce that our passion for future-oriented technologies has been rewarded with the German Brand Award 2019!

Nathalie scores in the category "Excellence in Brand Strategy
and Creation Brand Strategy" and proves again that quality and innovation pay off.

Our Head of Marketing & Communications Harald Schlegel visited the award ceremony partnerin Berlin. Our thanks also go to our agency torpedo motor in Leipzig, which supports us as our strategic partner.

Информационный бюллетень Nathalie — эксклюзивные новости

Я подписываюсь на бесплатный информационный бюллетень с актуальными новостями о проекте 2Way electric car. Мои данные не будут передаваться третьим лицам. Отправляя формуляр