Nathalie gets "Best of Best" at the Automotive Brand Contest and can be ordered immediately

let us celebrate! At this week's IAA in Frankfurt, the prizes of the Automotive Brand Contest 2019 were traditionally awarded. Nathalie, our team and our design partner IDEENION received the highest award "Best of Best" in the category "Concepts" together.

The jury of the German Design Council was convinced not only by the technical implementation of the pioneering technology, but also by Roland Gumpert's innovative and also aesthetic interpretation of the sports car theme.

From left to right: Martin Schopka (Creative Director IDEENION DESIGN AG), Lorenz Loew (CEO IDEENION DESIGN AG), Zhao Wu (Head of Finance GUMPERT AIWAYS AUTOMOBILE GmbH)

„Never make it boring – our design transforms emotional virtues of the automobile into the electric age“, says chief designer Lorenz Loew about the curves of Nathalie.

„We are the first manufacturer fitting a methanol fuel cell in a car. Our vehicle recharges itself while driving and parking and drives 850km (530miles) distance without recharging“, quotes Head of Marketing Harald Schlegel.

Get your Nathalie

From now on, our multiple award-winning Nathalie in the special equipment version "First Edition" can be ordered and reserved. Get your Nathalie now

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