Press Release

Roland Gumpert ends the worries about range of electric cars.


Today Roland Gumpert and his company Gumpert Aiways Automobile GmbH presented a benchmarking technology at the China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai. Their ready for serial production methanol fuel cell operates without liquid hydrogen – no more worries about an EV’s battery range.

The fuel cell converts one-liter methanol into 2 kWh transmitted directly into the system by an electrochemical process. Linked with the internal 70 kWh backup battery the overall performance of the system with its 70-liter tank produces up to 210 kWh with an impressive operating range of 1,000 km – refueled within three minutes.

The joint venture with Gumpert’s Chinese enterprise partner AIWAYS proved to be very successful. Gumpert Aiways affiliate Blue World Technologies lead by Anders Korsgaard is also present in Shanghai.

“Speaking as a developer and manufacturer of the methanol fuel cell technology it is a pleasure to work with visionary partners like Gumpert Aiways and AIWAYS, creating the future of mobility. Together with Roland Gumpert’s long-standing expertise in automobile development and AIWAYS strength in production we have the necessary ingredients for a successful and benchmarking technology evolution” says Anders Korsggaard.

AIWAYS president and founder Fu Qiang is absolutely convinced that the new technology “will put an end to the worries in terms of operating range of electric vehicles”.

The first serial production cars of the limited super sports coupé “Nathalie First Edition” will be handed over to customers in summer 2020. Already, three vehicles have found their future owners.The serial production model of the “First Edition” will have its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in March next year. In Shanghai visitors could have a glance at the pre-production model “Nathalie Race”. “My intention was to build an electric vehicle that has no operating range issues – and we succeeded” says Roland Gumpert at Asia’s most significant importers expo the CIIE in Shanghai.