Press Release

Nathalie celebrates debut in Velden (AUT)

2019/06/16Velden am Wörthersee

From 10-16 June 2019 the 21st International Sports Car Meeting took place in Velden at Lake Wörthersee. The first Gumpert dealer "Auto Salon Velden", led by Bernd Drescher and Thomas Stadtmüller, opened its doors with a perfectly coordinated timing. "These are all car enthusiasts here and that's why we're in the right place," says Bernd Drescher.

Enthusiastic sports car drivers from all over Europe followed Team Kasper's invitation to the Wörthersee with their remarkable vehicles this weekend. Thousands of fans gathered at the Seecorso and in the city centre to cheer on the fuel thrusts in rev limiters. The prominence was also inspired by the novelties of the sports car manufacturers. In the line-up of Bugatti, McLaren and Lamborghini, Nathalie had its debut as the world's first sports car with methanol fuel cell technology. The vehicle was admired with great interest. Austria's top celebrity Richard Lugner, who is well aware of Roland Gumpert's engineering achievements, was also interested in the world innovation. Nathalie crosses Austria twice with one tank full of a methanol-water mixture. „You drive 850km, refill methanol in minimum time and instantly drive 850km again. Therefore in Rimini you do not have the problem to find a power socket for charging your all-electric car," said Roland Gumper's Head of Marketing and Communications Harald Schlegel at the presentation. The performance of four times 100kW and the fact that the car accelerates from 0 to 100 in 2.5 seconds astonished drivers and fans. Even Lugner couldn't hide his exitement and so he invited the Gumpert team for a presentation of Nathalie to the well known Lugner City in Vienna.

Dates for the roadshows 2019 and 2020 will be published this summer. The first vehicles, including the "First Edition" with optional extras, can be reserved immediately on our website or at the Velden Auto Salon and Kitzbühel Auto Salon.

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